Price Policy

At JEIMP, we are committed to fostering academic excellence, promoting knowledge dissemination, and providing an open and inclusive platform for scholars to share their research. As part of our dedication to these principles, we have adopted a pricing policy that allows authors to submit their articles free of charge.

Pricing Structure

Article Submission: The submission of articles to JEIMP is entirely free for all authors, regardless of their affiliation or geographical location.

Peer Review Process: Our rigorous peer review process is also conducted at no cost to the authors. Our dedicated team of experts ensures a thorough and impartial assessment of submitted manuscripts.

Publication Fees: Once an article is accepted for publication, we maintain a commitment to keeping costs low. We do not charge any publication fees for authors to see their work published in our journal.

Open Access Philosophy

JEIMP is an open-access journal, which means that all published articles are freely available to readers without any access barriers. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and by not charging publication fees, we are actively contributing to this ideal.

Support for Sustainable Publishing

While we do not impose publication fees on authors, we recognize that running an academic journal involves various operational expenses. To support the sustainability of our open-access model, we may seek funding from grants, institutional support, or other sources. In some cases, we may offer optional author support packages that provide additional services such as language editing, graphical abstract design, or rapid publication for a fee. However, these services are entirely optional, and authors can choose to utilize them or not, depending on their individual needs and budget.

Waivers and Scholarships

To ensure that the absence of publication fees does not create any barriers to publication, we offer waivers or scholarships for authors who face financial constraints. We are committed to accommodating researchers from diverse backgrounds and regions, and we encourage authors who require financial assistance to contact our editorial team to discuss available options.

Transparency and Accountability

JEIMP is dedicated to maintaining transparency in all aspects of our pricing policy. We will periodically review our financial practices and, if necessary, adjust our policies to ensure long-term sustainability while upholding our commitment to free access to knowledge.

By offering a pricing policy that allows authors to submit articles free of charge and maintaining open access, we aim to contribute to the global academic community by facilitating the dissemination of high-quality research without financial barriers. We welcome authors from around the world to join us in this endeavor, and we look forward to hosting your valuable contributions in JEIMP.