Evaluation Of Ocular Parameters In Patients Receiving Hemodialysis Treatment

Ocular Findings in Hemodialysis Patientes

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Ganglion cell layer, hemodialysis, inner plexiform layer, choroid thickness


Background: Changes in retrobulbar blood flow during hemodialysis (HD) may result in ocular changes. It may have effects especially on the choroid, which is the area with high blood flow, and therefore the retina. This study aims to compare choroidal and retinal changes before and after a single HD session.
Methods: In this prospective study, patients  receiving HD treatment in the dialysis unit between October 2022 and February 2023 were included. The patients were divided into two groups: diabetes mellitus (DM) and non-DM. Measurements were made before and after dialysis treatment using optical coherence tomography. Using computerized segmentation, macular retinal layer volumes of the eye (total retinal volume and ganglion cell layer from outside to inside, inner plexiform layer) were measured. The enhanced depth imaging system of optical coherence tomography was used to measure choroidal thickness.
Results: A total of 28 patients (18 women and 10 men) participated the study. All patients underwent in-depth eye examination. After the HD session, a statistically significant decrease in choroidal thickness was observed in the macula temporal, subfoveal region, macula nasal, and optic disc nasal in both the DM and non-DM groups. According to the measurements made on the retinal layers before and after HD, it was observed that there was no change in the macular thickness of the ganglion cell layer and inner plexiform layer.
Conclusion: The lack of change in the macular thickness of the ganglion cell layer and inner plexiform layer suggested that HD did not have any effect on the neural tissue. Thinning was observed in the choroidal layer after hemodialysis. It was observed that HD affected choroidal blood flow and caused changes in the vascular layer of the eye. Changes in the choroidal tissue in the optic disc nasal and posterior pole regions also suggest that HD affects the vascular layer of the eye globally.


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